【CNC】Keeko, the robot teacher

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Artificial intelligence is one of the hottest topics in science and technology.

More and more artificial intelligence is applied and walks into people's daily life.

In east China's Xiamen city, artificial intelligence began to apply into children teaching, which attract lots of attention because of its strong interactivity.


“I am keeko, nice to meet you. What's your name”

Keeko is the first sense-intelligent educational robot in China.

The robot is designed to appeal to children aging from 0 to 7.

It has a friendly round head, can sing and dance, and has the intelligence of a 5-year-old.

ZHANG LIAN, Chairwoman of kindergarten

Children like keeko very much because it can interact with them. It can do lots of things, which helps us a lot in teaching. Now, we mainly use it in higher classes in the kindergarten. Because those children are more developed in language, and keeko can help them tell stories.

Guo Changchen is the CEO of the company that created Keeko.

He says the robot can help parents and teachers deliver engaging lessons.

All they need to do is load information into it, and Keeko could construct an educational environment by itself.

GUO YICHEN, CEO of the company

It is easy to formalize the need of the children under 7 years old. If we design artificial intelligence to meet the needs of the children, they can be satisfied.  For example, we ask keeko, what does a elephant look like Keeko not only uses language to describe it, but also uses pictures. Children  use the keeko like a tool.

Compared with traditional books, laptops and TV, artificial intelligence offers the chance of greater interaction and involvement, giving children a deeper learning experience.

GUO YICHEN, CEO of the company

Every lesson, children can be directors. They deduct what they had learned through their understanding. Artificial intelligence would largely used in the procedure, such as voice recognition, vision, sensor and supersonic wave.

Keeko now has been deployed to hundreds of kindergartens. And the second generation Keeko is planned to be released in the near future.